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Originally Posted by tacofangs View Post
Actually, the original idea for last year was to do Montana. I had started whiteboxing a little by time we decided we didn't have anything cool to put in there missionwise, without doing some crazy time travelly nonsense. So it got shifted to Utopia Planitia.

I still think it would be fun to make that map, but I don't know what the plan is for this year.
BTW... I agree the time travel-y stuff can get excessive so I'll offer a secondary pitch:

When Zefram Cochrane popped up on TOS, The Companion gave up its immortality to find twue wuv with Cochrane, grow old, and die together.

So... What if more members of the Companion's species turned up and were curious what exactly about Cochrane convinced a member of their species to give up immortality?

So they show up and make "First Contact" with us and we give them a tour (virtual or otherwise) of Bozeman, Montana. For a little bit of combat spice, maybe the Iconians have convinced the Gamma Canaris cloud people that Cochrane killed the Companion and we have to fend them off while telling them the true story of how a member of their species fell in love and died.

And... a third pitch:

Zefram Cochrane is back! But is he the real deal? We have to investigate the background of Cochrane and test this mysterious new arrival to make sure he isn't a changeling or an Undine.

And, heck, pitch #4:

The books have Scotty living until at least 2422 to see a building dedicated to him. We celebrate First Contact Day visiting Scotty in a holoprogram of Bozeman, Montana, surrounded by holograms of great engineers, including Cochrane. It's nerve tonics for all! But ONE of the holograms is sentient and has teamed up with a photonic rights activist to sabotage the simulation unless we can figure out who it is and stop them and save Scotty's bonnie-kins.

The great part is that you can have a callback to Night of the Comet where Scotty remembers us.