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Originally Posted by redsnake721 View Post
March beneath the Raptors wings is a title to a Pocket books novel about the start of the Romulan war. It takes place in the "Enterprise" Archer time frame, What if its just a series of missions that unlock a romulan as a playable FED or KDF Toon with access to 1 or 2 Romulan ships? We already have all the Romulan wep's and gear and Doffs and Boffs we are only missing a playable Romulan capt and ships. An entire new faction would make half the Klingons rage quit. Beacuse they have been crying for years for more content.
Which if one really thinks about it, is kinda silly...

Just because They begin to add the Romulans as a Third Faction, there is no reason to believe that They will just STOP adding stuff to the Klingon side.

The game is just starting to hit a roll...
They are not going to simply stop adding content to all aspects of the game, because They have initiated a new faction.
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