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02-01-2013, 08:25 PM
I think the irony is that if the number of people quitting small fleets because of the costs joined into 1 fleet you'd probably be hitting T4 by now.

Personally my fleet has trouble getting fleet marks but then we're a smaller fleet now as more than 50% of our players left when season 7 nerfed STF's through the floor. Some have come back but we're down to 5 off and on players from about 13+ regulars.

We just had the upgrade to T3 shipyard and we filled the dilithium requirement (365k or something) in a few days between 4 of us and no we didn't buy dilithium, we can just complete 3 STFs in 20-30 mins.

So yeah if anyone is interested PM me and maybe we can have everyone join 1 fleet of like minded, determined people =)