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02-01-2013, 08:33 PM
Sorry for the derail ...

Originally Posted by hydrodura View Post
Elite weapon are only phaser. dmg x2 2.5% disable subsystem 2.5% plus 20 to shield regen on a successful attack on the galor it is a plus of 213.5 shield regen cost 30k fc and 15k dil comes with one
10% acc
2% crth
20% crtd
So 4th Proc is [SHeal] ... like ground Elite weapons.

Meaning (getting my thoughts organized) it loses one of the [DMG] for the [SHeal] and its Phaser/Disruptor only, no [DMG]x2, [MOD]x2 + [SHeal] as I was hearing some rumors.

Good to know.