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Originally Posted by diotw View Post
I just got myself a copy of the Collector's Edition of Amazon, and got it set up with my account. No problems there, but I had a couple of questions. Firstly, it came with three Guest Pass cards, I assume these are no longer valid, as the game is free anyway?

Secondly, the box says that it provides access to two uniforms. One appears to be the TNG movie uniform, which is available to everyone now anyway, but the second is the Voyager uniform. I had a look in the C-Store, and this did not show up under the Legacy Unlocks, and it wasn't showing up at all in the Appearance section for the store. Any idea why that is, and how I claim this uniform?

Finally, I'm growing more and more tempted to subscribe on a month by month basis, since I've played a whole year for free, and STO has in that time become my most played PC game. Since I already have a month's free Gold membership from the Collector's Edition, if I subscribe now, will I be charged for this month I already have, or will the first charge be next month?
The collectors edition is a great buy imho - the red matter capacitor alone is worth it

Regarding the guest passes, unfortunately they are no longer valid. Had sent the numbers to some fleet mates just in case but it was a no go.

As theboilerman stated, the uniform unlocks should auto-populate into the tailor. For some reason I thought that I had gotten TNG show uni's in lieu of the TNG movie uni's (since they had become free). But that might just be my imagination. I believe the Voyager Uni's would be under DS9, but could be wrong there.

I went F2P>Collectors Free Month>Lifetime myself, so our situations might not end up the same...but when I did upgrade i neither had an interruption of service or any change to my free stipend schedule. In theory the free month is the same as a paid month; if that wasn't the case then I'd have to assume my stipend date would have been moved to reflect the new account active date.

Sorry for the long winded reply...hope it helps
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