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02-01-2013, 08:36 PM
Originally Posted by aethon3050 View Post
You're essentially a siege engine. Keep your distance from the fast-movers, and hit the big stuff while the rest of your team deals with the little ones.
You see? What a simple, yet intelligent & articulate description of the Bortaqu' Hand clap to you Aethon.

Frankly, instead of buying a ship first because you think it looks cool or w/e the reason may be, why did you not do your homework on it before spending the zen? There is STOwiki; you could've posted on the forums asking questions on the ship before buying it, and also asking people, friends, fleetmates in the game itself. All can provide you with valuable info before committing to buy something.

Honestly, buying a ship and then posting on the forums, 'bashing' it up, won't take away the fact that you probably make a mistake and jumped the gun too soon on a ship you had no clue about. This is poor judgment on your part, guess you'll have to live with it.

The Bortaqu' is exactly as Aethon describes it, I couldn't say it better myself. Using his example cannon build, stay at maximum weapons range and send a barrage of hurt from a safe distance. I would only close on a target if I'm confident that I will kill it before it lurks out of my 45 degree arc.

Also note that this ship is capable of withstanding a huge amount of damage, with the exception of huge spike damage hitting you more than once very quickly. Aside from this, with the correct Engineering boff abilities you should be able to resist and heal, and enough so just in case to facilate an escape with evasive maneuvers, reposition at max range and repeat.

I have tactical toons on both fed and KDF side, I pilot escorts, cruisers, and carriers very well, and I see no exception here with this magnificent ship.

I suggest keep up your practicing. It's the only way you'll get better. With every victory you'll yield the rewards and with every defeat a new lesson learned.