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02-01-2013, 09:02 PM
Originally Posted by tacofangs View Post
If I had my druthers in making Montana, it would be current day (2409) Montana, built up, with a big plaza surrounding Cochrane's statue, with something to do there.

Though I'd also like to build what we saw in the movie (I have a folder full of reference, and a map I drew of the compound), so maybe that's in a holodeck they have on site in the "museum" or something.
In First Contact, when Geordie described the historical site, I got the impression they preserved the site, along with the surrounding woodlands. So can't imagine there being a huge plaza.

The Phoenix launch site, would definitely be preserved and converted to a museum. And I could also imagine the bar also being preserved. If there was a name to that bar in the movie, be great if that could be brought out and a classic neon sign being displayed. Last, but not least, the Landing site for the Vulcan ship (a reproduction of the ship being put there?)

BTW, since it's an old Titan launch site, there is some material online (like videos on Youtube) you can use to make a convincing reproduction of the Phoenix site.