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# 1 Fire support cruiser
02-01-2013, 09:36 PM
In http://http://sto-forum.perfectworld...d.php?t=533021 I postulate the utility of adding more skills that boost weapon special utility (like adding disable and debuff effects that affect your weapons even during use of other special attacks). Then I started wondering if you could build somthing similar with what we currently have.

It's not perfect or really a true fire support role but I think its about the best you can do with what we have.

The goal is not dps, not directly, instead you would sit broadside of an enemy(s) and simply apply debffs to limit the combat effetiveness of said enemy(s). Allowing other ships to do more damage more quickly or have better survival odds. It also has nome decent healing potential.

I'm going to use one of my alts to try it out one of these days. When I build it heres what I'm planning for the things the skill planner doesn't allow.

Phased tetryon beam arrays x4
Polarized tetryon Beam array x2 (for the extra shield strip chance, I suppose if you were klingon and using the bortas you could go all phased tet)
WAQT foreward
KCB aft

Omega engine and deflector with the M.A.C.O. shield

Eng: RCS,Borg,Neutronium,Graviton pulse or something TBD later.
Sci: Embassy plasma shield emitter +threat,Saucer sep(maybe),Field generator.
Tac: Tetryon pulse generaator x3.

And most likely on a science captain altho a tac could work as well.
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