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02-01-2013, 10:43 PM
soo A few hours server maintenance on monday so I didn't bother logging in.

The other day there was an event launch and I wanted to play. Nope, server maintenance delayed the event. Not to worry, I'll do something else - it was early afternoon so I had many options. When I did eventually get on it was like playing on a powerpoint. Nevermind eh, it's an event after all.

9:30pm last night I wanted to play (not unreasonable for a friday night) but no, server reset for half hour. Nevermind, probably lots of people hitting the servers hard and they need looking after which isn't unreasonable.

Saturday morning, daughter has woken me early (dammit!) so I log on early to try and get some play in before the wife wakes up but no, I'm restricted because there is going to be server maintenance in little over an hour.

Tell me something Cryptic, is my wife paying you to stop me playing?