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02-01-2013, 11:36 PM
Originally Posted by solidneutronium View Post
If you define grinding as fun and enjoyable, then yes there's lots of "fun". Enjoy.
I never said that 'grinding was fun and enjoyable'.

Here's my question: What are you grinding for by doing the Present Patrol mini-game?

Party Poppers? Dil? Random items?

That's your only choices as the reward, so I don't really see how this could be any kind of grinding, unless you are trying to do this on a dozen or more toons a day, in which case, I still must ask; why?

Again, nothing says you have to do this. It's just a short little activity you can do each day for a couple weeks, you can do it as much or as little as you like. Again, if you don't like doing it, simply don't do it.