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02-02-2013, 01:22 AM
Originally Posted by boogieman6 View Post
ya know... instead of adding all kinds of new stuff.. which i do appreciate... how about this NOVEL IDEA! how about you FIX the things that you have left SCREWED UP since the beginning of season 7lik the THOLIAN RED ALERTS! AS WE ALL KNOW... thees red alerts have been screwed up since the beginning of season 7. and i for one ... as a gold member ... find this appalling. i pay every month for this game and would like to play ALL of the missions that i want to play. it would just be nice for something to be fixed once in a while in stead of being over looked like so many other thing in this game have been (terroedome, the crystalline entity, and others im sure)

you may be a gold member...but i'm f2p silver.....but STILL spend over $100 a month on this game....i want it working right too...all this bs is getting really old....great game..but PLEASE fix it Cryptic!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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