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I'm not sure that ships are absolutely built normally just to be more powerfull than the ships before it. After the Iowa class battleship was built there hasn't been anything built with that kind of armor and gun size since. The Excelcior class to me was the Iowa class of its time. The hull was built up to support the experimental transwarp and the Federation had far fewer allies than enemies. As the federation expanded and still had the Excelsiors in service, is it possible that the new ships built were more geared to specific mission types? Have there been any difinitive "official like" stats on the "post excelsior" class ship designs?
Unfortunately, you hit right on the big issue surrounding the Ambassador.

Anything we assume or surmise about the ship, is entirely assumption because there are no canonical stats to draw a concrete conclusion.

If we look at the progression of "Enterprise" class ships, we know this:

NX<Constitution<Constitution Refit<Excelsior

This is completely verifiable with canon stats. There were significant progressions in weapon strength, hull plating and general survivability in the progression of these 4 ships.


This particular progression is debatable, because one ship (Galaxy) had a scientific and diplomatic mission profile, while the other (Sovereign) had a much more militaristic mission profile. Certainly the armaments of the Sovereign outclassed the Galaxy by lightyears, but the Sovereign gave up some of it's other benefits in the scientific / operations realm as a result. So it's hard to say that one is truly superior to the other, except from a combat standpoint. They were simply diffferent ships, built for different purposes.

So, it's entirely possible that the Ambassador falls into this loophole category, that while it might have been stronger in some areas than Excelsior, it was weaker in others.

But, from an STO gameplay standpoint, that doesn't really matter, because the only thing a ship is judged on in STO, is it's combat effectiveness, because there are no alternate gameplay styles to make use of a ship's other qualities, be they scientific or operational.

What Im getting at is that Cryptic has a problem with their ship tiers. And it's far from being an easy problem to fix, and this is why sliding the Ambassador in, without having a gap between the Excelsior and the Galaxy (Tier 3 & 4) has resulted in a ship, which is chronologically and possibly technologically more advanced than the Excelsior, actually being portrayed as weaker.

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