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02-02-2013, 02:04 AM
Originally Posted by starcommando101 View Post

Anyone who tries to win an argument with the term, "nooblets" does not need to argue at all sir...

Toughen up? Really? lol you try running against a team of premades made nothing of bugs and tell me to toughen up again!

Almost put me in the hospital again, holy moly...

Plain and simple... The bug is op. like the guy before me has stated, the only people who defend the bug is those with the bug.
^^^ erm, not sure if serious.

Hell yea I will go against a 5 man team of bugs, they will all be poped 15-0. its all about the team play foo. (I pity you) You have 1 sci console,thats it and I just run a xii purple flow cap. As for engi slots that 2x mk xii rcs, tac, and net, then 4 tac and the ass mod. You don't need 5 tac consoles. if you have a bug up your ass learn to fight it with tractors, just wait for cool downs.

each ship has its own weak areas, if you cant figure your way around a bug, then your a nooblet.

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