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So I received my Collector's Edition with the "spiffy" com badge, a cool book, the red matter thingy....but that's about it. I already had a borg boff, but thought I was supposed to get some kind of ship or something. Any suggestions? I went to the shipyard and browsed there but didn't see any freebees. Am I doing something wrong or what?
Different Editions and retail packages of the game granted different in-game add-ons. The 1701 Enterprise only came with Gamestop's Collector's Edition package, FNAC's package, and Steam's Digital Deluxe Edition package.

You can read more about which add-ons came with which Editions and retail package here.

Also, the Borg DOff you get with Amazon's Collector's Edition package is different from the one you get for completing the Khitomer in Stasis ground STF accolade "Assimilated". Amazon gives you an Engineering Officer while the STF accolade gives you a Science Officer.