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02-02-2013, 01:06 AM
Originally Posted by nikkobrisbane View Post
All i see is whingers on this forum, maintenance needs to be done so deal with it. unlike a lot of games i played at least they do it. an hr out of ur time is no big deal, geez get a life if sto coming down for an hr really effects ur life. the problem u guys dont see is, things cant just get fixed, it takes time and unless people report bugs or we have people on the server the devs will never know about issues. just let them do there job and u go have a cuppa or go for a jog for an hr instead of sitting in front of ur pc complaining about an hr of down time.
With respect, I think people are entitled to have a bit of a whinge. It's not like it's just been an hour is it. Four separate occasions (that have affected me), all more than an hour, in one week. It's just not cricket old boy!