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02-02-2013, 01:28 AM
Originally Posted by celticfistcoh View Post
I order from amazon the collector's edition, it arrived today along with the nice borg Boff. I claimed various items through legacy system and could see the increase in storage areas. Couple quick questions ..

1) I did not see any Zen credited to my account. Does it take time to go onto account or do you not get Zen with collectors anymore?
2) I have only one character and after 30 days I lose access to some benefits. If I create new characters within the 30days they can claim at least some of the rewards? Any created after the 30days will have standard silver benefits (except borg and red matter)?

Thank you
1) An activation of Amazon's Collector's Edition that I added ~Jan 15, 2013 granted 1 month of Zen allowance (500). The Zen was credited to the account 1-3 days after activation. I don't remember if you can see the Zen in your character inventory, but you should definitely be able to see it in the Dilithium Exchange UI.
2a) By activating the Collector's Edition, you should have access to 3 Holodeck character slots and 1 Foundry character slot. I would recommend populating all four slots _before_ your 1 month is up. There are mixed posts across the STO forum indicating that you may or may not lose the 3rd Holodeck character slot after your month is over. I would assume the same would apply to your Foundry character slot as well as your 8 Foundry project slots.
2b) Some of the "rewards" you stand to gain over the month would be any respec tokens, personal bank slots, and inventory slots that are unlocked whenever your character gains a new named rank (Lieutenant Commander, Commander, Captain, etc.).
2c) Regarding characters you create after the month, you will miss out on the rewards indicated in "2b)". In addition, you may be interested in reading this thread before deciding to purchase additional character slots. In general, purchasing additional character slots as a Silver player is not ideal once your account has ever experienced Gold status. You should either purchase those slots during your "free" month from the Collector's Edition, or converting your account to temporary Gold or Lifetime status before purchasing additional slots.
2d) Things you get to keep and keep getting after you become Silver include the Red Matter Capacitor, the (FED/KDF) Engineering Borg Officer, and the TNG/DS9 uniforms. As an added bonus, you get to keep your account bank.