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02-02-2013, 01:46 AM
Originally Posted by polie05 View Post
Wow... Such childish antics... but since you so called did, lets review your post shall we?

"all you noobs that QQ about the bug being soooo op need to harden the f up. A good pilot in even a wells can take out a bug. (and thats not using the 3 piece lobi store combo)

Yes, it's the best escort in game, get over it. Theres other ships in game just as OP in there own aspect why don't you go QQ about thse as well. Oh and the Jem 3 piece , Victory is Life, takes what 1 buff. ZOMG big friggin deal! Go QQ about subnuc and subnuc doffs more nooblets. The fact of the matter is that its still is not a good set compared to a borg 2 piece and maco shields.

Its just a game and if it makes you that angry go play spider solitaire or something.


:/ that is not a good way to go about a discussion sir... this is not cod, we do not call each other noobs
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