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Originally Posted by starcommando101 View Post
you still dont get it do you... the bug is op. look at the comments before you, come up with a valid argument to explain to me without calling me or anyone a noob or nooblet or any variation of noob and THEN come back and respond. and I said of EQUAL skill, obviously bug captains of great skill, or any great captain knows their strength and weaknesses and prepared for that before hand.
don't wanna to disturb, but may i've something to add:
yes, bug is best escort.
yes, it does not own any other special ability (aka console)
yes, it may outclass a defiant 1v1, everything else equal
why do i think that's only for the defiant? as stated there are some decent ships out there.
next is: it's not that often (but also not THAT rare) that you'll face an opponent where everything is equal in pvp. indeed there seems to be a wide diversity reffering to mixes of gear, specs, careers and ship classes. may most are tacs, but they not seem to dominate from my view.
there are bugs that get plopped from 3-tac-console-beamboat-cruisers and some that can tank a whole team... but here again i think: as soon an almost average player is in that team, bug get's in trouble no matter about countings.

..... in short: yes, it's stronger than the other escorts ("op"?), BUT that's could be seen as it's special-ability, or at least as benefit for the rareness...
i like my steamrunner more

btw: love that sig

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