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02-02-2013, 01:54 AM
Originally Posted by wast33 View Post
don't wanna to disturb, but may i've something to add:
yes, bug is best escort.
yes, it does not own any other special ability (aka console)
yes, it may outclass a defiant 1v1, everything else equal
why do i think that's only for the defiant? as stated there are some decent ships out there.
next is: it's not that often (but also not THAT rare) that you'll face an opponent where everything is equal in pvp. indeed there seem to is a wide diversity reffering to careers and ship classes. may most are tacs, but they not seem to dominate from my view.
there are bugs that get plopped from 3-tac-console-beamboat-cruisers

..... in short: yes, it's stronger than the other escorts (op), BUT that's could be seen as it's special-ability, or at least as benefit for the rareness...
i like my steamrunner more

btw: love that sig
true you have some valid points there, the fleet mvam is a monster as a fleet mate has tried it out on me and scared the mess out of me...

maybe i need to get some rest and get away from the friendly neighborhood troll that is that guy. no wonder only a few devs ever scroll to this side of town.
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