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Originally Posted by patrickngo View Post
On the contrary, good sir, it IS about the money-or 'rarity' (what rarity???).
the rare odds to get one in the first place (winterevent, doff-packs...). sure, someone bought zen in the first place. but it's not that easy that those are the people who own the bugs now ^^... get it: pay to win also became play to win... it's a hybrid which runs on both, just like a shiny-brand-new-bug-car

Originally Posted by patrickngo View Post
Simple test for you:

would you EVER fly anything ELSE in a PvP match you're serious about winning? Be honest now-do you think you can WIN flying anything BUT a Bugship (or flying in a team with NO bugships-composed only of people you know...)

There are only two types of situations I've observed where Bugships go down;

1. Against other Bugships-full stop.
2. When the pilot's clearly flying something he bought in his first ever PvP experience-as in mistakes Raptor or FedScort jockeys don't tend to make, even when they ARE new-i.e. incredibly, mind-blowingly, elementary mistakes-like burning all your defensive buffs into cooldown in the middle of a hostile FedBall with Trics set to go off nearby, then STOPPING like you're hammering Probes on KASE.

That's it-I've seen Bugship pilots make a lot of slop mistakes that would kill a Raptor, FedScort, or BoP, and walk away giggling-to go and do it AGAIN. The layout and abilities are OP because you can be sloppy, careless, unskilled, and win.
then you not seem pvp a lot.
i use almost everything in pvp, hardly my bug ... i prefer steamrunner, regent, armitage, vesta, others and also: sometimes my bug and no matter what class i take: i've seen many low-bugs and some pro-bugs. but that count's for almost every other ship/career

there are many slippy ways to win without skill. that's not about this ship! it's about ship>s<, gear (aka consoles) in combination with specs and abilites...

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