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02-02-2013, 02:50 AM
I have 2 bugs, both bought with EC, total cost about 450 million. I bought the first one for my main toon and then later when I went LTS I made a Borg toon and this time added accuracy trait, so I got one for him. Took a long time to save the EC for the ship and the weapons etc, worked very hard on the exchange buying and selling DOFFs, running Children's Toys every day on 3 toons, you name it I did it, it was an epic grind for me to get the second one which cost 250 Million EC but after flying the first one I knew my new main had to have it.

Yes it is OP, no doubt about it, it's better than a normal escort like a Bugati Veyron is better then a VW Golf GTI. It is incredibly fun to fly and with two copies of APO, EmptE and Aux2Bat + 3 x VR Tech DOFFS + Evasive I doubt I drop much below 100 deg/sec in Fleet Alert, it's so crazy it actually makes me dizzy watching it. Fitted and specced for only single cannons and turrets it sprays out 180 = 360 degrees of death at incredible speeds and kills everything almost instantly except battleships and upwards.

In PvP the speeds are reduced hugely against all the Klinks sucky holds and resists, but it still hammers everything in sight.

It is without a doubt the most exciting, most deadly and most OP ship in the game and you know damn well should be because it took me months of grind to get it. They are keeping them rare and that's a good thing, as people inevitably leave the game between JHAS drop events there are less and less actually flying around, I can go all day and not see another which give me that feeling of exclusivity which I love.

I worked hard to get it, anyone can do the same, not a penny of real money was spent on either of them, just my time saving and waiting for the right time to buy.

If it was nerfed in any way I would be extremely bitter about it and would probably not spend any real cash on this game again (I do spend a lot of real cash for the fleet).

OP yes, worth the effort to get, Absolutely, should it be nerfed, definitely not.

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