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The claims that it is OP are blown about of proportion. It only has 1 sci console which tends to lead poor shield and hull healing vs something like a defiant. One does not have to be in a escort to kill it, but again it takes soem work. A wells or modius (sp) can easily be on the same level as a bug if both pilots are of equal level. Its just a matter of play style. What your asking for is it weaken it below the norm, to make is like the Brel BoP. That BoP has a higher turn rate for what its worth. The average player who faces a skill player in a bug will creams its the bug, but when in fact its the player. The player can easily switch ships and still wipe the floor with you, its just that we (as skilled players) like pretty ships. (or in my case purple and we like to ERP at the Turks)
I don't from what I have seen almost everyone in this thread has basicly said it is a little bit op... but its no the tac consoles or the hull or the shields or the uni slots... its the turn rate... which is out of line sorry to burst your bubble.

Yes the bop has a better turn... good for it it also has 28k hull full spec and even with 3 field gens it won't crack 5 digit shield numbers with anything accept a junk covariant shield. Its not even close to a comaprison... the bop has its own advantages and it pays for them there isn't anything wrong with the bop accept perhaps that it overpays for its advanatages that have basicly been eroded by ships like the bug and mvam ect ... anyway not to get off topic.

Skill trumps ANY ship thats not the point. I can kill 98% of the people that play this game in a tier 3 ship that doesn't mean the tier 3 ship is = stat wise. lol

The issue most people have with the bug isn't that it has Great turn... or the best impulse mod... or the best inertia numbers... or that it has lots of hull... or that it has a 1.0 instead of a .8 shield mod or that it has 2 uni slots or that it has an extra tac console (and lets be honest one sci slot isn't a major handicap... its a drawback but come on its not a big deal for an escort) I think most of the QQ comes from the simple fact that it has ALL of that.

IMO the only thing that needs to be adjusted on the bug is the turn rate... it should have the same turn rate as the fleet escort / Fleet Patrol Escort.