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Originally Posted by bain4 View Post
There are only two types of situations I've observed where Bugships go down;

1. Against other Bugships-full stop.
2. When the pilot's clearly flying something he bought in his first ever PvP experience-as in mistakes Raptor or FedScort jockeys don't tend to make, even when they ARE new-i.e. incredibly, mind-blowingly, elementary mistakes-like burning all your defensive buffs into cooldown in the middle of a hostile FedBall with Trics set to go off nearby, then STOPPING like you're hammering Probes on KASE.

The reason why some bugships stop dead in the middle of a fed ball is becuse they usually have been hit by SNB,VM Target engins and some console goodness all at once. so what do most ppl do when the are immobilized looking at a set of trics moving toward them knowing there is a good chance that evey mine that hits them will crit. im guessing they are going to hit most buffs to try and get the F@%K away.
...dunno how much jem deflector's are on my wall, but more than just a few i would guess... all "collected" with several ships . and again: i'm not a pro... it's not about the ship, there's much more to consider.
if you were right i have to ask why, when i'm in my own bug, i'm not immortal and seem to die more often than f.e. in my steamrunner?
you know what? my performance always depends on the actual match! who's in my team, who's on the other, how the teams work together, outbalances/outclasses each other and within themselves. how about my playstyle, how about every others'..
those are the variables for my own success when i pvp in my bug or any other ship (believe me: even in my bug i already got beaten to the hell some of you want the bug to burn in... and not only from other bugs )...

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