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02-02-2013, 05:35 AM
Originally Posted by wast33 View Post
...dunno how much jem deflector's are on my wall, but more than just a few i would guess... all "collected" with several ships . and again: i'm not a pro... it's not about the ship, there's much more to consider.
if you were right i have to ask why, when i'm in my own bug, i'm not immortal and seem to die more often than f.e. in my steamrunner?
you know what? my performance always depends on the actual match! who's in my team, who's on the other, how the teams work together, outbalances/outclasses each other and within themselves. how about my playstyle, how about every others'..
those are the variables for my own success when i pvp in my bug or any other ship (believe me: even in my bug i already got beaten to the hell some of you want the bug to burn in... and not only from other bugs )...

this right here.

lastnight i went 5-2 in the arena using my bug,,,the 2 losses were massive butt whoopins i think i got 1 kill in those 2 matches, nobody on the team spoke a word, nobody called targets, nobody healed each other (except me which is sad im healing peeps in a bug but they wont heal in a sci/eng ship) the 5 matches my team won, we stuck together and called targets and we pwned. Teamwork is bigger in team pvp then individual ship stats!! I dont care if your the best pvper on STO if your on a crap team that doesnt communicate against an average to good team that does your going to get stomped everytime.