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Id have to agree with this bottom part, that would suck if all ships were same/equal ect ect....i like the differences and how you have to plan differently when fighting each one. I fly a bug myself, i have dishes out butt whoopins and taken plenty as well, a friend of mine in our fleet has a vesta and tears me up most of the time, also a guy in another fleet i 1vs1 with often and he usually wins and flies the multi-vector and has lesser gear than me, hes just a better pilot hands down. No special console,,,1 sci slot, that is bugs downside,,higher turn rate, 5 tac slots = upside, its not OP
Yes the 1 sci slot is a downside... that is it though.

There is a reason that every experienced Escort pilot that played prior to the bug... all made SURE to get one. Even if they had to drop 400-500 mil EC to do it. Its not worth 400-500m because its only good... or even a bit better. People don't want to admit it but the more I think on it the more I have to say ya its OP. I know its not around anymore so 400-500k seems right... but lets be honest even when it was dropping like mad out of doff packs it never really dipped under 200 mil for more then a few hours perhaps at most.

Every good escort pilot switched to it even if they had to pull 24h stints fixing the exchange to do it. Lots of terrible escort pilots swapped to it as well... which is why it likely doesn't seem all that op to some people. Of course if you know what your doing you can make any ship work.... but the fact that so many people that do KNOW how the game works sold there kidneys for it if they had to says it all.
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