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02-02-2013, 05:43 AM
Originally Posted by xiphenon View Post
Unfortunately, most raptors suck alot against the federation escorts. The only raptor, I would consider as on par is the fleet Somraw, which is nevertheless either missing a 5th tac console or a higher turn rate.

The Fleet HoS'Sus can be used for both, hit and run tactics and constant damage. That make it very flexible. You also have less firepower than a fleet defaint, but can outmanouver nearly any ship with the turn rate.

Hit and run via massive spike damage is a one trick pony (like stealth attacks from rogues in other RPGs), which can be - without doubt - very effiecient and deadly. If it fails, you have no other option as to recloak and wait, until your spike damage abilities come back from cooldown.
Thats what a BoP is supposed to do