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Originally Posted by bitemepwe View Post
That would explain the Borg in STO.
Lol, that caught me off guard...heh.

But still...

Regeneration Probe
Nanite Regeneration Probe
War Sphere
Naninte War Sphere
Strategic Cube
Tactical Operations Cube

Nanite Probe
Tactical Sphere
Nanite Tactical Sphere
Reconnaissance Cube
Heavy Tactical Cube

"Science Vessels:"
Tractor Probe
Nanite Tractor Probe
Command Sphere
Nanite Command Sphere
Surveillance Cube
Tactical Support Cube

Tactical Dreadnought Cube
Tactical Marauder Cube
Tactical Carrier Cube

Toss in the Refit, Retrofit, and Fleet versions...tada!

Speaking of the Borg, ahem - lol - picture the following:

You're looking at the Will you March? page. The music starts. The screen shakes. The edges begin to glow with that familiar green. A cutting beam starts to tear apart the image on the screen - revealing two simple yet ornate lines:

We are the Borg.
Resistance is futile.

Willard the Rat & Crew

This isn't your father's Starfleet...welcome to Star Trek Online.