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02-02-2013, 07:09 AM
Originally Posted by aftulus View Post
I'm curious if it is possible to have a ship and player layout added. I would love to see all my ships stats with gear etc to see how it works out.
Someone else requested something similar. It would be a lot of work to add that, but it is possible. If I do add something like that, the equipment wouldn't be the actual equipment in game, instead it would be a simple representation of it.

For example, instead of listing Phaser Dual Heavy Cannons [Dmg][CritH] Mk XII (totally just made that up) I would have 3 drop down menus. One for damage type (phaser, disruptor, etc.), one for weapon type (cannon, beam, etc.) and one for Mk. Maybe even one for rarity. So for each weapon slot you could just all of them to show which weapons you have. The same would go for shields, engines, etc.

The only items I might actually add are specialty items or items that belong to a set such as Maco, Jem'Hadar, etc.

The reason I would have to do it this way is because there are just too many items in the game for me to list.