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02-02-2013, 07:24 AM
Originally Posted by lastguytom View Post
these are the same problems everyone been having,seem cryptic/perfect world does not care and from what i am told by people in this game from the beginning,it looks like it the lack of concern or support is common in this game since the start of it.
Well Tom, It seems the most recent "patch" (third in what, 3 days?) has addressed "General server stability problems." Sounds nice, but why am I having conversations with other Captains on my own bridge.......? ALONE! Now if this is intentional, it might be cool, BUT Local chat is shared with another person on another bridge making private conversations on my own ship impossible. [Even team invite won't work if out of allegiance.] Obviously they did more than server stability here. But I'm willing to bet they didn't fix anything about the exchange, the "forever equiped shuttle" bug, or the Tau Radiation sickness. Just a wild guess.