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Originally Posted by virusdancer View Post

You're looking at the Will you March? page. The music starts. The screen shakes. The edges begin to glow with that familiar green. A cutting beam starts to tear apart the image on the screen - revealing two simple yet ornate lines:

We are the Borg.
Resistance is futile.
There's one serious flaw to this master plan

Well two actually, if you count the walking animation that makes one appear as though someone rammed a candlestick up ... (You get the picture.)

The point I was trying to make before my S&M went into overdrive, have you considered how long it would take you to get from point a to point b. More importantly, why would you need to when you can just plug yourself into the nearest socket so to speak

And then there's the unique costume party the Borg have got going ...

So what started out as a gleeful , rapidly descended into , and round about the candlestick I was like

Borg seven to two: R we going straight?
Borg two of nine: Hell if I know.
Borg Uber one: Swivel! Swivel!

But if I did find myself playing the Borg ... my robot dance emote would hold new meaning to my little world.

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