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02-02-2013, 07:15 AM
Originally Posted by garakfan84 View Post
I had the same problem and I did it 3 times because I figured maybe I was assining the officers to the wrong stations and I was right.
So here is how it worked for me:

Tasha Yar: Tholian webbing;
Richard Castillo: Power levels;
T'Nae: Tractor beam;
Our officer: Docking clamps.

Hope this helps.
But...that's not what they said they were best at.

I picked their 'specialties' and ended up getting the bug as others reported and not having it finish.

Reminds me of CO's 3rd Anniversary event, except nowhere near as bad. If you grouped up, you had a rare chance of being deleveled down to level 1. Said event was shut down in a day and never restarted.

Go anniversary fun!