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# 1 Looking to start a fleet
02-02-2013, 08:49 AM
I am aware not many people want to start a fleet and tend to join already established ones, however i find the challenge interesting

So i want people like me who aren't afraid of a challenge and trustworthy to boot as i have heard many horror stories of people joining then emptying everything from the fleet then closing it down etc etc etc...

So i am a level 50 tactical officer looking for the obvious to help me start a fleet....

The name will be voted on however it will be based on star trek not other sci fi or like wise lol

So i am based within the UK GMT and play as often as i can... not hard line player so i do have a life outside and i am not YET a subscriber (( no offence intended but i do read the criteria for other fleets and some do say must be subscriber and hard line players ))

If you are interested let me know