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What I'm getting at is that Cryptic has a problem with their ship tiers. And it's far from being an easy problem to fix, and this is why sliding the Ambassador in, without having a gap between the Excelsior and the Galaxy (Tier 3 & 4) has resulted in a ship, which is chronologically and possibly technologically more advanced than the Excelsior, actually being portrayed as weaker.
That's the crux of the matter, personally I feel Cryptic should get rid of the entire tier system, in favor of a upgrade token.

An upgrade token can be sold or earned in game and will allow a player to upgrade any vessel in game.

The upgrade is only limited by a tech tier that each vessel can be achieved:

Basis for a Tech tier:

A) Must be within the confines of canon or documented ship specs.

B) Can only be upgraded to the point where the next generation of its kind begins.

for example:

Connie cannot exceed the 1701 Refit or A, excelsior cannot exceed the Enterprise C etc...

The current tier not viable - for example you have the Nova Class inferior to the Excelsior - The Nova Class, despite it being a short range science vessel, is a far more advance vessel than the old Excelsior - same with the Centaur Class.

Special Upgrades (Via Lobi Store)
- Many will hate me for saying this, but the store is NOT going anywhere - Truth is I see choices as a flavor of life - The more choices we have the more flavor there is in the game.

In the Lobi Store - Cryptic should sell a special upgrade package for around 800 Lobi - This special package will upgrade any ship in the game at Tier 5 / any non-cstore bought or lobi earned ship.

The tier 5 package must not exceed Fleet versions, CStore versions, and the special Lock Box ships.