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# 9 Possible solution details
02-02-2013, 08:10 AM
So, I posted a very detailed bug report here: If this does or does not work for you, please reply to that one with details. Maybe we can troubleshoot this annoying problem.

Here is the solution that worked for me (things I did not do prior to this attempt are in bold, because they're possible reasons why it completed):

6th attempt - continued from 5th attempt. Puts me in maintenance shaft entrance (first room). Decide to exit the maintenance shaft and re-enter after Yar tells me my objective.Go through 'crawling in' cut scene. Complete objectives and exit. Did not ask them their specialties, assigned in this order: Castillo-power, T'Nae-tractor beam, Yar-webbing.Started first thing on clamps, then went back through maintenance tunnel, came back out. Everyone else was still working on progress. Finished clamps. Waited until all three exited before exiting to go to ship(like, 5 minutes or so - they were waiting on me in the corridor).

This time, I did not fly through the temporal anomaly until I fully healed the U.S.S. Pastak, with their shields and hull at 100%. Also, first time I did not hit 'evasive maneuvers' when prompted by Yar.

When on temporal ship, when cut scene played, I walked away from the computer and didn't touch anything. Came back after 4 minutes, and was at "Redacted-Scan for Anomaly" in mission log, with pop-up interact 'scan for anomaly'. Let it sit there without scanning and without touching anything - no looking at bridge stations or accepting any completed DOff missions, just sitting there for over 15 minutes. When I scanned the anomaly, the mission completed (!) and log said to "Return to Engineer Tum'Era on Qo'Nos". Not wanting to risk another debacle, I opened my journal, hailed starfleet and collected the mission rewards before leaving the system.

Of all the things I tried, I believe it's most likely that the wait at the end was what triggered the completion. I would bet it has to do with lag in one form or another. The other possibility is choosing the things for people to work on without asking what their specialties are, but I'm thinking that's less likely. Relogging/dropping and retaking/beaming up instead of using DH contacts - none of these things worked for me.
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