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The bit about Tachyon Beam is extremely vague. Power Insulators are a very potent, low-investment skill, and nearly every endgame set deflector offers additional points in them. However, resistances aren't the only thing wrong here. The root cause of all of Tachyon Beam's problems is that the ability itself is just incredibly weak to start with.

Tachyon Beam III with 125 auxiliary power, six points in Flow Capacitors, and a [Console - Science - Flow Capacitor Mk XI], will maybe drain 380 shield HP per pulse. Mind you, this is before we factor in any resistances from Power Insulators. For a single-target ability, this is complete garbage. Its field of fire is very limited, and non-Vesta Science Vessels are already the weakest combat ships in the game. With holds being the mess they are at present, Science Vessels need all the help they can get to pierce a player's shields.

What I propose is this:

Change the drain to work by percentage instead of flat HP. With this, a Captain fully skilled and fitted with Flow Capacitor consoles would be able to remove a significant amount of shield HP. Let's say it maxes out at 5% per pulse at rank 1, 7.5% per pulse at rank 2, 10% per pulse at rank 3. For the sake of convenience, assume that the average Power Insulator loadout reduces each rank's effectiveness by half.

Now, specialized Science Vessels have a potent shield stripping tool to compliment their lacking firepower, but can only use it within a 90-degree arc. Great in numbers, not too effective against Escorts, but excellent for opening up Cruisers.
Thanks for the feed, however we don't want solutions until we get asked for it as per what Bort asked.