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# 1 cruisers are underpowered...
02-02-2013, 09:55 AM
Hey there community, i think this is a common sense topic, so after a big talk with some pvp folks on organized pvp, and with my brother ( kirby ) i think almost everyone thinks that actually, cruisers are underpowered, so i decided to create this topic.

well, comparing standard cruisers with standard escorts you will notice that the main trade is hull for turn rate as you can see with this ( not refering consoles, boff stations, crew, device slots, inertia rating or weapon slots ):

...........assault cruiser---patrol escort ( examples )
hull points: 39k -------------- 31k
shield mod: 1 ------------- 0,9
turn rate: 7 --------------- 16
impulse mod: 0.15 ------- 0.20
after comparing the numbers you can clearly see that the patrol escort has 8k less hull, 0.1 less shield, but +9 turn rate and more impulse modifier( why ? cruisers have bigger nacelles -.- ), lets be realistic, the gain of 8k hull doesnt compensate that loss of maneuverability, and the escort has more impulse modifier, this is important, the defense value of an escort almost compensates that loss of hull, which is almost nothing on pvp, anything with more than 50k hull is impractical, you dont need it !

if the cruisers are the mother of all vessels, with the top weapons, the top technology, the space combat tanks, the frontline battle ships, why people prefer escorts ? theres something wrong here right ?

thats because 1 turn rate is not the same of 1k hull as the devs think, thats why cruiseres are underpowered= lack of maneuverability, and a not well compensated resilliency: that is well known

why people dont buy galaxy classes ? dreadnaughts ? omg come on, the spinal beam is almost useless on a ship with that turn rate, its almost the same thing as having dual heavy cannons on the voquv carrier, pointless...

as it seems, carriers dont loose anything to trade off for their hangar slots, so lets make a list
these are the tier5 non-carrier ships with almost or more 40k hull and less than 10 turn rate:(hope i dont forget any )

assault cruiser
star cruiser
odissey star cruiser
exploration cruiser and dreadnaught
heavy cruiser retrofit
advanced heavy cruiser retrofit


this list includes fleet versions.
i didnt include the vorcha (tor'kath on the fleet version) or the galor, because these have 10 turn rate, although the galor doesnt have more than 40k hull, so the galor could be a perhaps ?

i mean, if these ships were good, people wouldnt prefer bops, or escorts ... am i right ?
if you notice, the ships with the lower turn rates on this list, are the ships that pvpers dont use or the ships you dont see pvping!
why ? coz 7 or 8k hull doesnt compensate the high turn rate, and the impulse mod, escorts can do the so much called "speed tank", ive seen bops tanking 6 guys on kerrat, any pvper knows about this.
So, hull and crew is not simetric to turn rate and impulse mod
if bops have a battle cloak ( let's say, compensating its lack of hull and shield ) why cruisers dont have anything to compensate its lack of maneuverability ? +1 weap slot seems not enough compared to escorts, but for bops ? 1- rear weap slot but a battle cloak and a full uni boff layout seems to be doing it

carriers doesnt seem to loose anything compared to normal cruisers, so my ideas for the ships on the list are:

+1 or 2k hull ( still impractical )
+0.1 shield mod ( like this one particullarly because escorts and cruisers share almost the same shield mod )

Or adding innate abilities
1 innate tractor beam 1 (weak version or something ) with 4 minutes cooldown ( every cruisers on star trek novels have it not beeing science based only, i mean tractor beam should be an enginner skill)

or ( i love this one ) adding 4 innate emergy power to subsystem working almost the same as the innate beam targeting skills on science vessels
like : emergy power to shields, emergency power to engines, weapons and aux
these skills would have 1 minute cooldown and 30sec shared, giving +15 power to the subsystem and repairing it ( not sure if this integrated emergy power to shields would give shield points, but not shield resistance)

with this, these ships would be more resilient against more combat situations, combining it with a red matter capacitor and 1 or 2 boff emergency power skills, it would let the cruiser power not to be disabled as much as other ships ( pretty engineering based isnt it ? xP ), and you would see these ships more on pvp, not overpowering them, please consider my idea devs ...

i hope the pvp community likes this and i hope the failaxy becomes the mister galaxy class again.

sorry for my bad english, cheers

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