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02-02-2013, 09:26 AM
You really don't need to compare cruisers against escorts to talk about what is wrong with them -- the ships are too wildly different. When you talk about maneuverability for example, it's important to remember that cruisers can more effectively employ beams (since they get 8 weapon slots) so they don't need to maneuver as much to keep all their guns on target.

Cruisers also get higher level engineering slots than anyone else, which adds a lot to survivability as well as to their team role as healers.

I'm not saying cruisers aren't weak, just that they don't need to be compared to escorts.

The basic problem with cruisers, the one which is not compensated by their engineering emphasis, is that beams are underpowered. The exact problem is debatable -- maybe it's a lack of a beam equivalent to CRF, or maybe beams drain too much power, or maybe it's some combination of factors, but ships which rely on beams can't output acceptable damage. Or maybe the problem is just that beams are the only weapon with a wide enough arc to be used by cruisers -- maybe if some torpedoes had wider arcs that could give cruisers the extra punch they need.

But the part which is lacking is firepower, and it's lacking whether you compare them to escorts or not.