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02-02-2013, 09:28 AM
I think you misunderstood.

I pointed the cost as getting a Fleet Ship is not a effortless task, at the very minimum there is 20,000 Fleet Credits to be made and even with the Daily Reports this will take a while and the system is set in a way you cannot even make a Fleet to generate Fleet Credits for yourself because there is a series of blocks to prevent that.

The fact they locked most discount ships under a T5 shipyard is rather discouraging and I did not even touched that, I believe the lowest Tier requirement for a Fleet Ship with a discount is the Excelsior at T3, the Bortas and Odyssey are locked at T5 and the Aquarius and Hoh'SuS are locked at T4, the entire system is simply backyards and a push to force Fleets into a upgrade race leading to the current situation.

Also dont discount point 2, we are talking about a Defiant with FIVE tactical console slots (Zen Store have 4 Tactical slots) and 3k more Hull, that alone gives the Fleet Defiant a potential +30% more damage by slotting a 5th Phaser Relay and the cost is about 5-10 million EC.

As for point 3 ... you should understand some people want to fly some ships, I have the Odyssey so I am interested in the Aquarius but Cryptics reply was "go join a Fleet with a T4 Shipyard", the same goes for certain retrofits ... yet the cost is double, not only we have to pay 200,000 Fleet Marks but also we have to be in the "right" Fleet, this is disheartening and I just said "well screw that, ship sucks anyway" in relation to the Aquarius and I doubt I am alone in this.

And no, this isnt about "dedication and patience" because a Fleet will take over 6 months to reach the point were they have access to a T5 Shipyard, I have not gone over the actual cost involved in that because I certainly remember what I thought when I seen the Embassy II upgrade ... it was "Are they <expletive> kidding me?"