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And the first match was like... WTF?

Ok, getting my arse handed to me is not a big matter. Got used to this. But what the heck is good enough in endgame PvP to stay playing it. Escpecially from a new F2P character viewpoint?

You get into the fry with mission reward equipement, your standard BOFFs you train or can train on ESD. Some DOFFs you got for free and then? Then you go against JHAS, two HECs, Vesta and some Tholian ship. Most (all?) have BOFFs trained by them and their fleet members, full stack of blue/purple DOFFs they want (and not simply get during levleing), best equipement you can grind, reputation stuff.

Anyone can give a single, tiny reason to actually play endgame PvP? Instead of scrapping my character and starting again enoying the cheese/C-Store/grind free PvP from lvl 5 to 49? Or leave the game and move somewhere else?

I have hard time finding some fun in such fights.