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Originally Posted by puttenham View Post
its not as simple as how much money would they make off of a t5 connie, or a connie lock box. the devs have said time and time again that cbs has put the final "NO" on it.. you will not see a t5 connie. you might see something get close to it. but it will most likely not happen.. i wont say with 100 percent sureness cause i have seen dumber things happen in this game.. but im 90 percent posotive you wont see one.

heres a hint as to it as well.. (if they were gonna do it, they would have already done it)..

and as far as there being fans of it, and nastalgic players wanting it.. it is in game.. and it is were it should be.. if you want to fly it, then fly it. you will have the same disadvantages as a connie in this timeline would have.. there for you will have a more "canon" expeprience lol...
yeah. most likely, if they ever make a "fleet cruiser retrofit" it will be either 1. a completely new ship with the standard "2 nacelles, saucer and a secondary hull with struts tying the three together in something that looks like the iconic constitution class from the side". or 2. figuring out how to make the current cruisers updatable without including the connie skin."
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