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02-02-2013, 10:25 AM
after months of periodically opening random boxes, i received a D'kora marauder.
There are players that have told me that its been nerfed in several ways. One of them being how it turns. What the others are, i do not remember.

Is it worth equipping that ship?
Any worthy builds?
Before you answer my question(s), here is some information to help you.

- My engineer has the entire temporal set.... (just a thought)

- On my science character I also have several special consoles, such as Transwarp Computer and Enhanced Plasma manifold (since the red matter console is no longer available).
Also my science character is the only one that has finished Omega reputation projects, and nearly finished with Romulan....

- also my engineer has a lot more fleet credit than my science captain (and no, those aren't my only character)

- Perhaps I could use the D'Kora on my OTHER ferengi science on which I used the Fleet Nova build you provided); assuming the marauder is worthy of use.

So yeah, food for thought.