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02-02-2013, 10:30 AM
It's not about JHAS. 1v1 I'm able to kill it both in my DSSV (unless he run away ) and sciscort I fly from time to time. It's more about: "where is the fun in being spammed, cheesed and placated at all time". And what's to learn from this? That I need to grind instead of play PvP?

What ship do you fly and what captain are you then you could get some suggestions on what to fly and shoot
I'm sci and I fly DSSV as my primary ship and Patrol Escort for PvE (and some PvP from time to time) as it's faster to do in escort. And yes, I use free stuff to. I was thinking about getting Nebula (Vasta is a spammer so no-no for me), but can hardly find a reason to spent money on endgame PvP.