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02-02-2013, 10:37 AM
compare a cruiser to a carrier. seems fair ? cruisers should have something to compensate that something they dont have.

yes noob, on the game you say "failaxy" and "failoddy" but here you say that cruisers are ok, you are just another escort handler affraid of getting kicked by a bigger ship, give me a cruiser that is as good to engys as the jem bug is to tacs, oh sorry, you cant =/

cruisers have 8 weap slots, but thats not energy efficient as you can see here

# Weapons--- Total Drain / Resulting Power--- Damage per Weapon--- Total damage
1---> -0 / 100--- 200%--- 200%
2---> -10 / 90--- 180%--- 360%
3---> -20 / 80--- 160%--- 480%
4---> -30 / 70--- 140%--- 560%
5---> -40 / 60--- 120%--- 600%
6---> -50 / 50--- 100%--- 600%
7---> -60 / 40--- 80%--- 560%
8---> -70 / 30--- 60%--- 480%
, thats why the default set ever comes with 1 torpedo fore and aft, cruisers resilliency is not compensated by its lack of maneuverability

all ships have some unique extras

escorts = dual heavy cannons cappable
sci vessles = sensor analisys
carrier = 2 hangar bays and some of them with more hull than cruisers
bop = fully universal stations, crazy turn rate and battle cloak
cruisers ... huh ? what ? not capable of dhc, no sensor analisys, no hangar bays, no universal stations, no crazy turn rate AT ALL, and you guys say its ok ? please

and the ships who benefit from 2 of those benefits, will loose something, as the vesta do with dhc and hangar, but 27800 hull and 1.35 shield mod

so what the cruisers gain ?
how can everybody not ride a cruiser and say its underpowered, but when its time to call that to the forum you say its ok ? obvious, escort users are affraid of the time when cruisers get what they deserve and finally show its pottencial

carriers dont loose nothing on its gain of 2 hangar slots, so my idea was to add something to the rest of the cruisers, making them balanced compared to carriers and not underpowered, which people think it is On the game

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