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02-02-2013, 11:50 AM
Originally Posted by redricky View Post
OP you're not necessarily wrong, but 2 things:

1. Defense and movement

2. Beams and DHC

These two relationships contribute greatly to the difference in the classes. Until these are addressed things like hull and turn rate will not really get at the disparities between the classes. There have been a number of discussions in just the past few days on this so I'm not going to drag them out again.
Nothing else really matters right? Because it all stems from this. You have Acc and Defense that ONLY mean something when they are compared to one another. You have these modifiers that are baked into the hull, so that when we try to add hull health to compensate for crappy movement and defense....we get....even CRAPPIER movement and defense.

Granted OP you would think that sure isn't it possible they put BIGGER engines on bigger ships but no. And many of those other things you mentioned. But you didn't even need to bother. When def/acc/crit gets resolved, most of the other stuff will go away.

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