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02-02-2013, 11:24 AM
well would it matter? kdf have few content missions between them and feds in this war kerrat could stay as a testing grounds for feds and kdf to test weapons against each other and the borg like they do now keep the pvp queues but as training against each other finally might be able to have kdf and fed teams for things such as nukara defera new romulus finding other kdf is rather hard.
the war itself what war is my question? we walk by each other on ds9 if this was a real war we should be trying to siege it lines of bortasqu raptos b'rel's blasting chuncks out of it we should be able to enter federation space and raid transports shoot them disable them board them not like the path of the warrior attacking them beaming up things. whatever happened to good old boarding partys dont shoot till you see the fear in there eyes kinda party