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Originally Posted by starcommando101 View Post
It needs something to compensate for the lack of a special console or ability. Any further needs would be discussed and tested on tribble.
also i do not agree with you in some points i have to state that you really seem to deserve that avatar .
one of the points i agree with is: so many seem to be upset about the setup (hehe) of the bug.
to prove or not to prove this in the end can only be provided by a closer look from dev's.

so *bump* and all relax a bit in your chairs

Originally Posted by doomicile View Post
Now that I think about it, the JHAS does get a special console ability; "Victory Is Life". Only, it requires the Jem Space set, which is now upgradeable. Which means you have to use the Jem Deflector, Engines and Shields but with them you get two passives and an activatable power.

You lose a Sci Console slot and gain a 5th Tac Slot and a 4th Engineering slot for compensation.

It's the equivelant of having the best loadout combination of all three Vesta or Oddysey ships rolled into one and the console bonuses to boot.

The problem is if you don't use the Jem'Hadar Space set, the potential to max out the best of all possible worlds is apparent.
... and now on all other jem-ships and the galor (the "oneway to cardi-weaps" ship ^^...) from the start... not really a point . also there are other sets with 2 set-3 bonuses, like borg or ferengi... just equip adapted maco and u got a torp console extra (set-2 bonus?)......

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