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I was thinking a bit and well as any KDFer knows we don't have any fleet ships that have 5 tac consoles vs the Feds 2.

The Idea I think would to make it similar to the Tactical Escort but not have the stats to identical to the Qin or Somraw. I was thinking maybe a fleet version of the Pach. (Partly because there are only two other raptor models to choose from...partly because I think the Puyjaq looks sweet.)

I would say 35k hull
Shield Modifier maybe somewhere in the .8 to .85 range
Turn rate of say 14.
Inertia of around 60 to 65
Boff Layout similar to the other two fleet raptors, I'd love to say Universal ensign but that might be a bit if not universal maybe Science?
Consoles maybe 5 Tac/3 Sci/2 Eng