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Originally Posted by doomicile View Post
The Multipurpose and Tachyon mine console are not exclusive to the D'Kora.
...but the no.2 set-3 bonus is or am i wrong on that? ^^... also jem-set can be equipped on any ship of right tier... it's only the vic-is-life thingie that's only available on stated ships (and can be "emulated" on any ship with a doff), or am i wrong again?

Originally Posted by doomicile View Post
The swarm missiles are a joke with a 2min CD and the EMP Burst ability requires very specific positioning and isn't particularly effective anyway. All the Battle Modue 3000 console does is marginally increase weapons and engines power, which on a cruiser doesn't amount to much. The set bonuses aren't even combat-related.

Don't get me wrong, the marauder is a good ship. Probably one of the best Battle Cruisers there is but it doesn't have a significant impact on PvP since Battle Cruisers are irrelevant.
you got concerns on that set, make a thread ... indeed it is a special set which gives at least one special bonus to a dedicated ship. just like time set, vesta set... those two f.e. can only be used on dedicated ships, or am i so totally wrong?

i don't want to offense, but indeed there are other sets that are just at the same level as jem set from point of bonus-countings... nothing about quality of those (from this point of view borg is best, cause it grants it's 2 set-3 bonusses to any ship you equip it on and you even can make it a 4 piece set with cutting beam. only 2 other omega-set-thingies needed and you get something like a "6-piece-7/8?-bonusses-set-hybrid-monster" on any ship).
regarding ships/sets i guess, both been held on "different"-sheets and should be merged/stated as well, as already happened regarding rom-rep sets.
i don't want to troll or such, but i can recall many, me as well, didn't like the answer ...

edit: in my opinion d'koras are not obsolete. some keep on kicking my "lower-back" or tank like from hell. but there's also agreat diversitiy in shipdesigns you can turn into something very similar to a heavy (!) escort (one of the best mobius f.e.)...
to conclude: i like the sets, i like my bug, but i LUUUUUV my mirror-bop. even if it gets kicked it's damn sexy

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