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Here is a few tips.

If you use your computer a lot it could probably use a cleaning.

First clean system this game builds up a lot of useless junk.That causes the lag.

Majorgeeks is a safe site i use it all the time.
I would recommend getting advance system care 6.0
You can get it here--->>

Now another tool is Iobits smart defrag-->>

ASC and smart defrag are both made from iobit.And a very know en company.I been using there program since 1st beta.

Then clean out your DNS it is probably filled with tons of junk that is all most useless to the normal users.

To do this in xp go to-->>Start/Run/Type:CMD/ then in CMD type ipconfig /flushdns copy and past that.In vista and 7 in the search bar Type Run then look for Run command double click till cmd pops up then type the same thing ipconfig /flushdns.

You can all so clean out your temp folder as well this folder contains a lot of junk files that are useless but the only thing's you do need to keep is the Virus and malware logs from your scanners to do this in xp Go to start then Run then in run Type this-->> %temp% a folder will pop up press Ctrl + A to highlight all items quickly.In vista and 7 just type -->> %temp% in the start search bar.

These can be a quick fix to game lag.