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02-02-2013, 01:32 PM
You could sell overpriced Dil or Zen to a friend, but he may as well buy it at the current price.

say you offer 1000 zen at 25 dil, you will sell it immediately, if you wanted to buy 1000 zen at 25 dilithium, you offer would stay up until someone bought it by mistake.

Player A want to give 100 Zen to Player B to pay back a favor
Player A post his 100 zen at 47 dil, zen sell automaticly at the current price (d'oh!)
Player A then post 100 zen at 120 dil, the offer stands, player B must pay 12,000 dil for the 100 Zen, instead of paying current market price (9500dil).

You could try to coordinate your actions, the last one in is the first out, friend makes a request to buy Zen at 25 dil, at the same time you offer Zen at 25 dil, if youre lucky, you may have managed to trade zen for 25 dil to your friend, but your run the risk of selling zen at 25 to a total stranger.